Changing Names & Images: Part, Process, Feature

There may be times when you want to change the name of an existing part, process, or feature. For example, you may want to rename the default corporate hierarchy names to ones that more accurately reflect your business.

Also, you may want to add images to these items to provide better visual guidance during data collection.

These changes are easily made by using the access menu for part, process, or feature. The steps are essentially the same for all:

  • Navigate to the relevant landing page (e.g. Access Menu > Part > Parts)

  • Open the desired item record by clicking on the “pencil” icon

  • Make the desired name change in the “Short Name” field

  • To upload/change/remove an associated image:

    • Click the Image options button and select the desired action

    • If prompted, select the image for upload (600 kilobyte max, JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP)

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