Advanced Data Collection Options

Quick Setup allows you to start using Enact right away with simple data collections.

However, Enact supports many advanced options to meet nearly any business need:

  • Additional Feature Types – Quick Setup supports variable data, but Enact also supports attribute data for visual inspections and pass/fail checks, and checklist data for recording the status of your work environment.

  • Timed data collections can be used to prompt operators when collections are due. Missed data collections can generate notifications and collection compliance can be tracked across your organization.

  • When collecting data, optional descriptors such as lot number, data collection type, and subgroups labels can enhance analysis, reporting, and traceability.

  • Feature type, sample size, and data entry order can be modified on across all features in your data collection. This allows Enact to support even the most sophisticated data collections.

  • Custom work instructions with links to external documents.

  • Data entry with nearly any device from keyboard to electronic gauges.

  • When the value you need can’t be measured directly, Enact can perform calculations on entered values.

  • Advanced subgroup types such as within-piece measurements and subprocesses are supported.

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