Sharing Data Across Your Organization

Once you start seeing the value that Enact can bring to your organization, you’ll want to share it with other stakeholders.

Here are some ways you can share that information, even if you only have a limited number of licenses:

  • If you have available licenses, assign them to key decision-makers so they can experience Enact for themselves. A limited “view only” role is preconfigured in Enact so they can explore freely.

  • With your own user license, you can access Enact from multiple devices, so sharing Enact data on the go or in a conference room is easy.

  • You can set up anyone to receive email notifications from Enact without using any licenses. This will let them know that Enact is on the job.

  • Enact charts and summary data can be easily downloaded and used for your own presentations and reports. You can even download entire raw datasets for use in external analysis software.

  • Finally, Enact can automatically publish information to your external BI systems so you can fully integrate Enact into your business processes.

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