Enact Corporate Hierarchy

Whenever you enter quality data into Enact, you assign it to a process.

That process has a location within the corporate hierarchy structure that you’ve created. The first five levels are fixed in Enact:

  • Company

  • Division

  • Region

  • Site

  • Department

When you first start with Enact, there is a single preconfigured entry for each of these five levels, and you can expand them as your deployment grows. You can also rename the preconfigured level entries to better match your organization.

There are five additional levels available that you can configure to suit your business needs. When using Quick Setup to create data collections, your processes (i.e. that machines and lines that manufacture your products) are assigned to the level directly below Department. If you eventually decide that intermediate levels are needed, you can easily do that.

Corporate hierarchy serves two main purposes:

  • It greatly enhances the analysis and reporting capabilities of Enact by providing meaningful and efficient ways to group and filter data

  • It enables fine control of data visibility for users. This means that while operators may only see data related to their particular department, site managers can see their entire sites, while those at the corporate level may have access to the entire organization.

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