The Enact Data Model

The measurements you enter into Enact need have several descriptors attached to them in order to be valuable for analysis.

The primary descriptors are:

  • Part – The thing you are evaluating, usually represented by a part number or SKU. This could be a particular size bolt, a bottled beverage, a bag of cookies, or a printed circuit board.

  • Feature – The particular characteristic you are measuring, such as a weight, dimension, temperature, or voltage.

  • Process – The machine or line that created the feature you’re measuring on a given piece. This could be a particular filling line, a lathe, or an oven. This will tell you which areas of production are performing well, and which require attention.

The date and time when the values were entered as well as who entered them are captured automatically. Several additional descriptors such as lot number, data collection type, and subgroup label are available outside of Quick Setup.

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